Cardiac (Car-dee-ack) MRI is a way for doctors to take a picture of your heart. They will be able to see your heart beating. This is a very important test. You will need to be very still at times. This helps doctors get the best pictures.

Before your test, you will change into a hospital gown. If you wear glasses, you will have to take them off. You also can’t wear anything metal. That’s because MRI machines uses very big magnets. Someone may inject fluid in your hand or arm through a needle. This fluid helps makes the pictures of your heart better. It may feel cool going in.

After a while, you will be asked to lie on a table in a special room. You may be given ear plugs or headphones because the machine makes a lot of noise when it is working. It may sound like thumping and humming. The person running the machine will talk to you and tell you when to be still and when you will hear noises. The table will slide into a big tube. This tube is where the MRI pictures happen. The test does not hurt. But you must be very still for as long as you can. This is very important.

The test will take about 15 minutes to one hour to complete. An hour can seem like a long time to be still. The less you move, the faster the test will go.  Your mom or dad will probably be allowed in the room with you. But you can’t talk to them during the test, because you must be completely still.